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Who am I?

Hi my name is Kirsty and I'm a homeopathic practitioner specializing in fertility protocols for men and women designed to help bring your body back into balance on a vibrational level to promote health and wellbeing, giving your body the best chance to conceive. Completing a diploma in homeopathy and a practitioner course specializing in fertility protocols I'm here to help all clients on their fertility journey and achieve their health goals. My services also include homeopathic remedies to help manage your health issues, support through emotional and mental wellbeing, and trauma. Homeopathy doesn't focus on your dis-ease — it is used to find and treat the root of your total symptom picture so you can get back to a state of health! Schedule a session today to begin your healing process.


What does a consult include?

A typical consult will go for around 90mins for a first-time client. At this appointment I will want to know your main health complaint. What is the most pressing thing you would like to treat? Your health history, what are your main susceptibilities? Most people will have a history of always getting sick with....? What is your family health history, what sort of illnesses did your siblings, parents and grandparents suffer from? What are your traumas, what is the most traumatic thing you have experienced in your life? And finally, what are the things that make you who you are? Personality traits, fears, likes/dislikes? 

Once I have all the information about you, I will go and research the remedy most indicated for you. After my research I will email you with your prescription and dosing requirements. I will send you a link to purchase the remedies through my website if you need. Most of the time one remedy will be sufficient to start the recalibrating of your vital force. Sometimes two remedies will be indicated. Fertility protocol being the exception (all remedies are included in the price for the 4 month fertility program for both partners). Dosing can look like one drop under the tongue once a day - three times a day, or just once a week. It's all very personal to the client and will look different for everyone.

After taking you remedies for 8-12 weeks a follow up appointment is usually recommended to check in with how you are going and what you are experiencing. This is a time to see if dosing needs to be changed or a different remedy needs to be used. Your remedy prescription can change over time due to the nature of homeopathy. You will be clearing issues in layers and sometimes as one thing is cleared up another issue arises that was a bit more suppressed and if you wish to address that issue, we can do that at the follow up appointment. The goal in homeopathy is to be healed of all things but as life continues on new things will crop up from time to time, it might be a health issue, or more of an emotional or mental issue. I'm always here to help guide your healing journey. 

What can homeopathy treat?

Well pretty much everything! From acute to chronic conditions and everything in between. Like sore throats, fever, coughs, colds, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, bug bites, headaches, anxiety, cold sores, menopause, hormone imbalances, bed wetting, teething, breastfeeding, flu, sunburn, injuries, hangovers, fatigue, infertility, addictions, behavioral issues, mental health, grief, and other past traumas, skin conditions, STD's, bruises, colic, cramps, conjunctivitis, bloating, hay fever, joint pain, wounds, birth, postpartum, it can even be used on your pets! And so much more!

In homeopathy symptoms are not disease but an imbalance in the body and as everyone is different they will experience symptoms differently. Homeopathy is an individulised system of medicine. What works for one client's sore throat may not work for another.

There are over 5000 different remedies! And we find the right remedy to match who you are as a person, your physical symptoms, likes/dislikes, susceptibilities, sensitivities, mood, etc.

Unlike conventional medicine homeopathy does not use medicine to suppress your symptoms which then drives the imbalance deeper into the body to express as a greater illness later, it does the opposite! It works by recalibrating the imbalance energetically and helps in the opposite direction from the most important organs of the body to the lesser until its eventually cleared. Given the right conditions the body can heal itself. Homeopathy can step in when all other options have been exhausted and your still not well or still don't have any answers to your health complaint. If you have tried everything else, try homeopathy! Or better yet try homeopathy first! 

If you or someone you know would like to be free of something they have been dealing with, please book an appointment with me. I'd really love to help. Alternatively send me a booking enquiry to see if I can help with your issue.

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